Custom Rustic King Sized Bed

Custom Rustic King Bed

Custom Rustic King Bed

A customer asked if I could make him a bed that is rustic and the same style as the tables I make. Well, I had not made one like this before but thought it was a great idea.

I followed the same format I had been doing with my tables, using mortise and tenon joinery and pinning the tenon with a dowel. I bring the joint in tight by draw-boarding technique.  It makes for a super strong joint that will last a lifetime.  I also use glue only on one of the boards in the panel, leaving the other boards free so they can expand and contract with the weather and not break out the joint.  All the boards in the panels get a pin, and the hole is elongated on the mortise to allow for this expansion and contraction.  In doing this, I make all the post my breadboards for the bed headboard and footboards.


As with my tables, my preferred staining is a natural aging mixture, which on fur and pine can really bring out the colors of the wood and aging it naturally.  I use a mixture of vinegar and steel wool, which reacts with each other breaking down the steel wool to a dark rust color.  After preparing the mixture than I can apply it to the wood.  The vinegar reacts with the tannins in the wood darkening and graying it and also bringing out the colors in the wood.  This process is a bit unpredictable, but gives the project a very unique look.  No two projects will look alike.  It is dependent on the mixture as well as the wood being used.


The hardware I used on this bed is also something from the past.  I found an online blacksmith shop that I buy hardware from, and I get black oxide square head bolts.  These bolts add another unique option on this bed.

If you are in the market for a new bed, look no further.  I believe you will love one of these rustic beds.