Business card holder

So, I had asked a local business if I could leave one of my business card within their establishment along with the other local businesses who have their cards.  They were happy to allow me this, but I needed a business card holder.  Well, I am not one to go buy a card holder so I got busy making a simple but dramatic card holder to put my business cards in.

I started by cutting some old log off of an old oak tree on my property.  It is very burly piece of wood with crazy grain changes.  I then ran it through my band saw to get a square piece from the log and cut it down to size.  From there, squared the rest, and sanded it down.  This made for a great looking base.  One of the cards actually broke, due to the burly knot right on the edge.  I then made the actual card holder portion from some hard maple I had in the shop.  I finished the oak base with some danish oil, and then put on a lacquer finish.