Shadow Box

A customer had asked me if I would make him a shadow box for many of his collectables.  He asked for a large one, that he could put multiple items in it at one time.  So, I made this one for him.  This one is around 2 feet by 2 feet.  I made it from old reclaimed cedar that originally was a fireplace mantle.  The wood is light and very busy with grain and knots.  I aged it with some vinegar/steel wool solution which really blackened the knots and grain and colored the rest of the wood.  The box itself is about 6 inches tall, and built with mitered corners with hard maple keys to re-enforce the joints.  It has an imbedded glass top and half inch plywood bottom with felt covering it.  I used an antique brass colored latch on the front with some rustic black hinges in the back.  The lid also has a lip to secure the closing of the top.

Since I had the request for this shadowbox I have had several others requesting some custom shadowboxes which I am looking forward to make as well.