Reclaimed spalted wood bench


I purchased some wood planks that had been used for many years by a construction company in moving large machinery. It was used to cross holes and uneven ground or curbs so the machinery would not damage the area or get stuck. Most of this wood is oak and other hard woods. They all look the same due to the damage to the wood and the rough planks they were cut into. Each plank is about 9” to 12” wide and 3” to 4” thick and about 8 feet long.

After cutting into this plank, I saw it was much different than the reclaimed oak planks, and I believe it is most likely a spalted pecan or maybe a spalted hickory. I decided to make something special with it. The size was too small to make a table, but it was perfect size for a entrance bench.


The bench itself is made with mortis and tenon joints, and through mortis’s on the stretcher pegged with a beautiful pins made out of purple heart. The top of the bench had a long crack in it that I fixed with several bowtie keys, and filled the crack with epoxy and a little turquoise added to it. The bench front I left with a bit of the live edge, showing the plank damage and markings. The measurements on this bench is 18” tall, 9” deep and 36 inches long.