replacement of rollup steel door

I was asked what can be done to secure a nice storage building out at my church.  The problem we were having is people were breaking into the shed late at night, breaking the locks off of the rollup metal door.  They were able to cut the locks off, or break the thin locking mechanism on the rollup door.

Well, I decided to make a heavy duty wood door to replace the rollup door.  This door ended up weighing several hundred pounds and is very solid.  I put 6 heavy duty sealed hinges on the door and 2 dead bolts mortis'd into the door.  The dead bolt latches lock into extended steel striker plates secured into the king studs with 6 four inch screws for each dead bolt.

The finish is my favorite, which makes it so rustic and darkens quick.  I used a steel acetate solution to age the wood, then sealed with several coats of a spar urethane.

The hard part was putting the door in place.  There is only about 1/8"gap around the door and it is super heavy, so getting it mounted and in place without a drag spot was a challenge, but it seemed to fit just perfect.