Tub renovation

I really had a blessing with this job.  An older lady in my church has been having a heck of a time with her old tub in her house.  She is unsteady enough that she can't get in and out of the tub by herself anymore, and has had a nurse come out and help her.  She has fallen several times and hurt herself.   Well, our church decided to do something about it and they asked me if I would take out her old tub and put something in that would enable her to get in and out a bit safer.


I started with the demo, and what I found is she has a 30+ year old house.  This house also had a window in the shower.  I knew I would end up finding mold behind the walls seeing I have delt with this configuration many times.  Demo went well, and I pulled out all the old stuff and put in new, after killing all mold with some strong bleach.  I ended up closing off the window from the outside and putting all new insulation in after putting down a layer of kilz.


Digging out the drain and shimming the walls plum was my biggest obstacles but everything worked out in the end.  Also, building out the shower walls so I can add support handles for her was another needed item.  


The final goal was to keep the cost as low as possible but make a safe environment so she can manage by herself or with little help.  It turned out great, and I got to spend a lot of time fellowshipping with a sweet person.