One thing I have decided on here on the farm, ducks are better for raising than chickens!  Well, that is my opinion, but there are reasons for it.  Ducks lay larger eggs, more eggs per year, and for a longer period of time.  Ducks are low maintenance, and will pretty much get all there own food from the grass or pond (if they make it down to the pond).  They do not get into everything (barn, shop) and "scratch" everything you had nice and neat onto a pile in the dirt floor!  Yes, ducks tend to waddle around eating grass and playing in the water.

Chickens have a tendency to get into everything!  I have given up on keeping my barn organized while it is open.  Nothing will stay on a shelf, or table top.  It will all end up on the floor.  One real good thing about having chickens around, they eat bugs like nothing else.  All the scratching they do, helps out on the farm.

This year I went ahead and got 30 ducklings from all different types.  They are now getting older and I am starting to see what type ducks I have, but still have a few unknowns.  They are pretty fun to watch as they waddle around the farm.