Springtime on the Farm, "the garden!"

Every year I put together a garden, and by mid June, I have pretty much given up on it.  I do good getting it started, getting my drip water system all setup, and all my plants growing well, but daily working in it, I am not so good at.  Last year, my new pup decided the garden was the funnest place in the world to play in the dirt!  He also really liked my drip sprinkler system.  Dragged it all over my yard and took it with him everywhere.  I am still picking up pieces of it from time to time when I am mowing the yard.

Well, this year I do plan on having a group of plants and produce from the garden.  Chief (my full blood Rhodesian Ridgeback) is a bit older and I plan on keeping him out of my garden.  Even so, I only planted a small amount this year, just in case.   Time will tell if I am able to keep things together this year.